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What kind of move are you planning?
Moving to the ends of the Earth for you.

The cost of the move is determined by "cubic feet" or volume of space. The average box is about 3 Cubic Feet and the total volume of your items determines the cost of your move. Each quote includes door to door pickup & delivery, customs clearance, professional movers, export paperwork, and tracking for your order.

No move is too big or small. We can move any amount of goods starting at 100 Cubic Feet up to multiple 20ft & 40ft containers. Contact us to get a custom quote based off your list of items.

Less then Container Move:

Minimum Move:
200CF (Cubic Feet) (A Palette)
(20 boxes and one or two major furniture items)
Average Move:
350CF (Cubic Feet)
(Studio apartments worth of items.)
Depending on destination
Depending on destination

Full Container Move:

20ft Container:
1000 CF (2-3 bedroom)
40ft Container:
22000 CF (3-5 bedroom)
Starting at $7500
Cost depending on destination
Starting at $9500
Cost depending on destination
We do also offer drop & pull containers without movers at a discounted rate.
A typical 20ft container can be as low as $6000 to rent for the day and have transported to destination.
Keep in mind self-load containers are far less common as we can provide movers to assist you with the relocation labor at both pickup and destination at excellent rates. Having us do the move for you removes all the headache of the move. Inquire within*

Residential Relocations:

Are you a student moving for school? Are you moving to follow a new job? Maybe you and your family are building a new home overseas and you are interested in shipping your furniture and cars to your new home.

Corporate Relocations:

Are you moving your office building? Do you need to transport your furniture or equipment? It may be far cheaper to transport your existing office equipment from one office to the next with VANGUARDIAN International.

Commercial Transportation:

Are you looking to transport solar panels, cars, building material or other cargo? VANGUARDIAN International can set you up with a Drop & Pull on a 20ft or 40ft container for your move. We can provide containers both with movers and self-load containers.

Military Relocations:

We started in the business of military relocations specializing in moving military personnel to the Hawaiian Islands and back to the mainland. Rest assured in our exceptional service for you and your family. Get your quote today and VANGUARDIAN can take you there.
Auto Shipping is available on your move.

. . A standard 20ft cargo container is usually enough for a well furnished 3-bedroom house or apartment. The rate for a 20ft container door to door is usually between $7500-$10500 to most major countries. We can also move special items such as a motorcycles, vehicles, ATV's, kayaks, framed artwork, and things of this nature priced on an individual bases.

. . Our moves are incredibly safe! Purchasing insurance is optional and can be done alongside the purchase of your move. We provide all-risk maritime insurance through UNIRISC if you are looking for additional insurances on your move overseas. You may also check out your home owners or renters insurance policy as you may already have coverage for your relocation.

Thank you for your patronage,
VANGUARDIAN International Team


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