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International Moving Insurance

. . All our moves include basic value insurance. For larger moves, we usually recommend purchasing additional full coverage insurance. We provide International Moving Insurance through UNIRISC. Insurance for Household Goods, Personal Effects and Automobiles

. . Platinum Plus is all-risk total value insurance which you can purchase with the declaration on the total value of your shipment. You the shipper must complete a valued inventory for your move which we will supply here. Our moves are incredibly safe! That being said, the extra assurance for you and your family is important when shipping larger quantities over great distances.

. . Please download these documents to purchase all-risk replacement value insurance for your move. You will need to fill out the Valued Inventory Form to declare the total value of your shipment.

Vanguardian International Platinum Plus Booklet

Platinum Plus Total Value Insurance Terms & Conditions

Valued Inventory Form


Zero Deductible $1.55 per $100 of value
$250 Deductible $1.45 per $100 of value
$500 Deductible $1.35 per $100 of value

(Subject to a $50 minimum premium per certificate at all rates/deductibles)

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. . Please note:

. . Vanguardian International requires all overseas relocations purchase replacement value insurance for their moves. Vanguardian International is not responsible for non-insured or under-insured cargo. In our many years of experience, catastrophic damages on overseas shipments is very rare and almost never happens. Rest assured, you are in good hands with Vanguardian International and we will take great care in transporting your goods to destination. Please take the extra time to purchase replacement value insurance on your shipment to ensure all your needs are met, and your experience moving to your new home across the ocean is a safe and memorable one. Best regards,

- Vanguardian International Team

All-Risk Replacement Value Maritime Insurance is provided by UNIRISC

Thank you for your patronage,
VANGUARDIAN International Team



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